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Is your marriage struggling? With one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, you don't want to take your chances on having your marriage fall into that statistic.


With over 28 years of experience, we can help you and your spouse work through marital problems in a structured environment.  William J. Faeth LCSW is seen as one of the most reputable counselors in the area.


Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

It doesn't matter if you are having marriage problems now or not. Every couple can benefit from marriage counseling. Whether you have been married less than a year or for many decades, William J. Faeth LCSW continues to help couples face their problems. He is constantly striving for more knowledge and techniques to help couples deal with all types of problems.

 •  Separations

 •  Divorces

 •  Communication skills

 •  Improving the relationship

 •  Incorporating effective skills

 •  Individual therapy

 •  Children and adolescents

 •  Handling financial issues

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What we can help you with: