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We all go through difficult situations. When you are faced with a hard situation and the emotions become overwhelming, William J. Faeth LCSW is here to help you work through it.


He has over 28 years of experience helping people of all ages deal with their emotions. Through counseling, you can become equipped with the right skills to ensure you handle your problems better.


Individualized, in-depth counseling

Whether you need one-on-one counseling for your marriage or you have a child that needs counseling, William J. Faeth is there to provide a comforting and pleasant sounding board. You can feel confident, that he will work with you or your child until you start controlling your emotions better.

 •  Anxiety therapy

 •  Stress management therapy

 •  Eating disorder therapy

 •  Adult children of alcoholics

 •  Depression therapy

 •  Marriage therapy

 •  Child and individual therapy

 •  Abuse victims

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Problems you are faced with: